DirecTv APK Download For Android (Latest Version)

About DirecTV APK

With DirecTv apk, you can start streaming your favorite live, downloaded and pre-recorded shows on your Android device without any third party extensions.


You can stream the shows which have been telecasted last 72 hours back and you can also restart the completed live shows with Restart feature built in this app.

➨ You can swap what you are watching from your TV to your Android smartphone with this app

➨ This app offers HD streaming of shows and movies on your Android device

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Download DirecTV APK From Below

directv apk download

DirecTV APK (61.6 MB)

✔ All The APK’S On our Site are Free & Safe To Download for Android

Note: This App Require Android phone running Android OS 4.2 or Above

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Additional Features Of DirecTV APK

  • With this App, You can Watch tons of desired movies and shows, Live or On Demand
  • Data Free TV feature lets you stream DIRECTV on your devices, anywhere you want but no data is required
  • With this app, you can get latest releases of premium channels you subscribe to like HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, ENCORE, and SHOWTIME
  • With this app, you can Stream and download your home DVR recordings to your devices. so that you can watch your desired content anywhere you want
  • It has got parental control feature with which parents can be selective of the content what small kids wanna watch
  •  This app has Got voice search so that you can search for your desired Content directly with your voice no need of typing.
  • you can even use this app as a remote control of your Tv so that you can play, pause and rewind your desired show or movie playing on TV
  • With this App, You Can Record your favorite movies and shows from anywhere you want
  • So if in case you want to schedule any recording you need Wi-Fi or Mobile Data and also a DIRECTV Plus DVR or HD DVR
  • Generally, receivers will not require any phone or Internet connection to schedule a recording but scheduled recording may or may not be recognized because they available for some certain selective devices
  • Data Free TV Feature requires an authentic DIRECTV service and active AT&T postpaid data service for an eligible device
  • customers of DIRECTV should compulsory have a Residential Home account registered on DIRECTV’s website to access the DIRECTV app from smartphones and tablets etc
  • In a case of DVR streaming and downloading you require Internet-connected Genie HD DVR model HR44 or higher and compatible mobile device. Also To download the content You must be in home on same Wi-Fi network connected to DVR
  • The content which is available to you is based on the selection of your desired package and premium service. Not each and every content is available for you to stream
  • If in case you want to watch your selective content and Live TV Streaming of your desired channels outside the home will require an active Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Internet connection. obviously, For the best performance, you need a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • This app will be updated on the regular basis depending upon the bugs encountered in the apps
  • This app is very useful for the people who want portable TV like experience
  • This app is one stop solution for the people who want live TV show streaming anywhere they desire. You can watch your favorite live sports with the help of this app
  • So stay updated with the latest content you desire where ever you go with the help of this app
  • There are lot of new features to be added into to this app in future so that users can get what they want without opting to any other app
  • Enjoy whatever you want to watch straight from your smartphone without any worries of carrying a huge TV everywhere
  • The user interface of this app is easy to navigate so everyone can use this app without any worries
  • The app is responsive and no lag what so ever is seen in this app, all the transitions, and animations within the apps are buttery smooth
  • This app will not consume huge data so don’t worry about storage space it’s just around 50-57 Mb
  • overall a perfect app for Tv shows and movie lovers who wanna watch their desired content anywhere they want

DirecTv APK Download For Android (Latest Version)

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