How To Easily Backup Your Apps And data in Your Android without Root 2018

Data,App Backup and Restore step By Step Guide In Android Smartphone

Hai Folks I hope you guys are doing well so in this article i am gonna be showing you guys How you can perform Android Data And App Backup in Your Android


1) How To Perform Android App Backup In android smartphone

Alright so to backup your apps into SD card just simply head over to play store and install Apk extractor. Once the installation is done just open the app and here you

can find the apps that are installed in your android, so just simply select the apps that you would like to create the apk backup into your sd card and you are done the app will automatically create the apk file into your sd card so that you can install that app in future without any internet connection

You can find the apks in your sd card via the file manager app in extracted apks folder

2) How To backup Your contacts,Sms Etc

So at first head over to the play store and install easy backup and restore. After the installation is done open the app so the moment you open the app it will ask do you want to create a backup just select yes and then select got it

So next select backup and now here you have to select the things that you want backup like SMS, call log, and contacts etc. once the selection is done select ok and select the storage option  like SD card google drive, dropbox etc.  Just select the storage option according to your wish so in my case I am gonna backup in SD card


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sd/easybackup and this is the directory where I can access my backup through the third party file manager like ES file explorer or the built in file manager like the one in CyanogenMod operating system

alright next comes the restoration part so some of you guys might be wondering how the heck  can I restore the stuff that I just backed up well its simple just go back to the app once again and this time select restore option and select the storage option where you have created a backup and you are done 

How To Easily Backup Your Apps And data in Your Android without Root 2016

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